Paintings by Chengdu artists, Part I

For a short time, you can see this enchanting show of traditional Chinese painting by a group of contemporary artists from Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Some highlights below, with apologies for the quality of my snaps.

Below: Ren Guangrong, Drunk Like Autumn Gold. Photo: STF.

Ren Guangrong Drunk Like Autumn Gold

Below: Ren Guangrong, Chrysanthemum Spring. Photo: STF.

Ren Guangrong Chrysanthemum Spring

Below: Li Hui, Jiuzhai Dream.  Photo: STF.

Li Hui Jiuzhai Dream

Chengdu Art Exhibition London
Art Galleries Europe London Gallery, London
15 to 17 February 2013

More images available on the show's Facebook page.