Hiroko Imada show

Imada Summer Garden VII

Currently showing at the Riverside Studios are works by Hiroko Imada, a welcome burst of colour that will chase off any winter blues. Like the recent Takayuki Hara show, this is part of the Japan400 series, which marks 400 years of ties between Britain and Japan. Originally from Tokyo, Hiroko Imada trained in both Japan and the UK and is now based in London.  Loosely themed around “Nature” and “Dance/Movement”, the display mixes earlier pieces from the mid-1990s and later pieces from the last year or so. The recent paintings in acrylics are hyper-impressionistic treatments of flowers and foliage, each canvas a riot of bold, saturated colour. These are complemented by a series of small watercolour studies. The exhibition showcases her strengths as both painter and printmaker. Her lithographs, especially those on dance-related themes, have a very fluid quality - the layering and splashing of colour accentuates their dynamic or balletic charge.  (Images are just my snaps).

Hiroko Imada
Riverside Studios, London
16 March to 7 April 2013

Above: Hiroko Imada, Summer Garden VII, 2013. Acrylic on canvas. Height 25.5cm, width 35.5cm. Photo: STF.

Below: Hiroko Imada, Valse Brillante, 1996. Lithograph and silkscreen. Height 75cm, width 107cm. Photo: STF.

Imada Valse Brillante