Chinese Ceramics at Ascott, Part II

ascott library

I wrote in my previous post on Ascott about the ceramics in the Porcelain Room.  Besides this dedicated display, Chinese ceramics are on view throughout the property, almost wherever it feels natural.  On a desk in the Library, for instance, sits a striking Jun ware flowerpot in a vivid shade of purple, dating from the 14th or 15th century, when such a hue was uncommon.

There is more Jun ware on display in the Library Passage, eye-catching with its fluid blue and purple markings, including further flowerpots (made in moulds) and a tripod incense-burner and small dish (made on the wheel).

Other cases in this gallery contain an enticing variety of other wares.  I liked especially the fine small bowls displayed in pairs: from the north, ivory-white from the Ding kilns in Hebei province; from the south, bluish-white from Jingdezhen and grey-green from Longquan.  A lovely afternoon out.

Ascott, near Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire
Permanent display

Above: The Library, Ascott. Image at