Min Jungyeon show

Recent paintings and drawings by contemporary Korean artist Min Jungyeon (b. 1979) were on show last month at the Hada Contemporary gallery.  The works fell broadly into two camps: large canvases in acrylics, very precise and in places very richly detailed, and smaller ink drawings of foam-related subjects – as in Mousse Destructrice, where a structure of girders and poles is broken apart by clouds of this foam-like substance. Organic forms contrast with more geometric or constructed ones, as in Travaux 2, where the realism of construction workers on a building site is off-set by a proliferation of strange biological forms, resembling layers of coral, or slices from a mammalian digestive system.  Her strengths as a technician are an essential part of the work, seen in the conscious choice of different pen strokes to create shade and substance – from very fine cross-hatching to a more cursive scribble.

Min Jungyeon Solo Exhibition
Hada Contemporary, London
7 to 31 March 2013