The blue of the sea: a Kimura Yoshiro vase

pic blue vase

I wanted to highlight this beautiful blue vase, which I came across on a summer visit to the British Museum. The museum acquired it only this year and it is a contemporary piece by Kimura Yoshiro (b.1946), a ceramicist based in Hiroshima.

Kimura apparently favours the colour blue because he fell in love with the blue of the Aegean Sea on a visit, and then sought to recreate that colour in his work.

In fact, the intensity of the blue glaze, applied in subtle gradations of colour, took me back to my visit to Ascott, and the Rothschilds’ ancient Tang dynasty grain jar – that piece was in a deeper midnight blue with the glaze layers more clearly differentiated, but again there seemed to be a latent sea theme.

This vase is currently positioned on the way up the North Stairs, so do take a moment to enjoy it and refresh your eyes.

British Museum, London
Permanent collection

Above: Kimura Yoshiro, porcelain vase with hekiyu blue glaze, 2014. British Museum. Height 38.2cm; width 47.7cm. Image: British Museum, at

Some information on Kimura is from the website